Our theme for February in the gallery is warm hearts and valentines. Come in to the Gallery and feel the love evident in our hand crafted pottery. Every piece is unique. Every piece is a reflection of the artisan who made it.

February Frenzy is a community effort by businesses throughout Stony Plain, each offering their own specials and giveaways. At the Crooked Pot Gallery we are giving away a free pottery gift (one per person) all day on February 11 to any visitors that come into the gallery. As well, every mug sold in our gallery that day comes with a free package of gourmet hot chocolate!

Take a trip around town and take in some wonderful local business excitement!

Each year our potters donate pottery during the holiday season to raise funds for a charity. This year we chose to support Rotary’s Our Community Pantry. They provide lunches and meals to members of our community experiencing food insecurity, including almost 600 brown bag lunches for kids in local schools plus 75 -100 homemade meals to families¬† every week!¬† We are proud to announce that we raised $3233.50 for the Pantry.

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