The Parkland Potters Guild is home to approximately 65 talented artists. Their work is as unique as their fingerprints.

We’re pleased to present the work of many of our artists in the following pages. Click on their name to see their gallery page.

Cheryl Anderson
Bob Barclay
Catherine Boggs
Dianne Brown
Clarice Cameron
Masa Dobrijevic
Brenda Evjen
Jan Haines
Marilyn Henker
Jen Lloyd
Lynnette Lukay
Marian Majeau
Tracie Mandreck
Dianne Meili
Peggy Namchuk
Ole Nielsen
Kathy Nimmons
Janel Padberg
Tammy Parks-Legge
Aurelia Saunders
Melanie Shipka
Carolyn Standish
Lisa Stefura
Sandra Thornton
Bruce Wakeford
Donna Wakeford
Barbara Watchman
Cathy Weiss
Jeannette Wright
Brenda Wylie