2021/22 Executive members:
  • President: Lynnette Lukay
  • Vice President: Nadine Locher
  • Secretary: Clarice Cameron
  • Treasurer: Marleen Androschuk
  • Past President: Jan Haines
  • Members at Large: Kathy Nimmons and Suzanne Davidson
The annual meeting and election (for members only) is held in September each year.
Executive Profiles
Jan Haines – Past President

Jan started potting when her son was born 43 years ago.  She had just moved to the area and didn’t know anyone when a friend suggested that they take a pottery class together.   Jan agreed without really knowing what she was getting into.   Her friend lasted two classes, and Jan has been with the Parkland Potters Guild ever since!  In that time Jan has developed as an accomplished potter and passionate teacher.  Her students leave her classes with a profound respect and love for pottery.   Through the last 43 years there have been many changes to the Guild, most notably there were only 22 members of the Guild when Jan joined. Fast forward to today and there are 65 people in the Guild and people are on a waiting list.  These changes have made Jan determined to document the Guild’s archives and create a legacy for the future of the Guild through a scholarship program.   “I could sit at a wheel all day long” Jan has always said, and it shows through her teaching, mentoring, and passion for the art.